Here are some starting ideas for PUBLISHING/WRITING-RELATED internships:

St. Martin's Macmillan posts internships to their career site a few months prior to the start of their spring, summer, fall programs. Be sure to identify yourself as an English Honors Program student at Lehman College CUNY. 

Penguin Random House has internships throughout the year or Penguin for details.  Also check out the PenguinGroup (USA) Careers at their Facebook.

English majors interested in publishing and editing should definitely try W.W. Norton for the internships in their editorial, manuscript, marketing, contracts, electronic media, and publicity departments.

The Book Report Network is an interesting company that links writers and readers and apparently runs a good internship program.  Be sure to identify yourself as an English Honors Program student at Lehman College, CUNY. 


The Paris Review is a long-shot but work considering, especially because they have both editorial and digital internships. Be sure to identify yourself as an English Honors Program student at Lehman College CUNY.

The NY Times offers competitive, paid summer internships in reporting, digital news, design, graphics and photography. Think ahead!  These positions are open for junior and seniors especially.

Those interested in television news (and minoring in MMJ – talk to your professors there!) should consider the MSNBC newsroom, primetime, graphics and archives internships, which promise some exciting first-hand experience of nightly news production.

Consider learning about graduate programs and educational administration by interning for Lehman’s Professor DiGangi at the CUNY Graduate Center on Fifth Ave ( lists internships and jobs available in the publishing world.; the links are updated regularly but you should also check the separate websites. 


These positions may seem super-competitive, but they are definitely worth a try—each of these organizations needs lively students to staff their many projects.  Check here for some pointers on getting started with an internship search. Talk to classmates, professors, mentors, and employers who might help you explore even more internship/job possibilities.  Hunter College puts out a useful guide to writing resumes or cover letters. Make sure a professor or someone in Career Services looks over your resume and cover letter before they go out.  


Do not ignore Lehman’s Career Services Center (Shuster 254):  Erin Reilly ( fields all queries from English majors about resumes, applications, cover-letters, internship opportunities, career-planning, jobs, you name it.  Ms. Reilly’s focused, energetic, practical, and tells the English faculty to get you there by sophomore year at the latest—so go, even if you’re a senior!  For a sense of what the CSC offers2014-2015:  Erin is out on leave, but Adele handles Liberal Arts and English students in Fall 2014; an advisor TBA will cover such students in Spring 2015.  



Send in any additions or corrections here!  You are the EHP’s best resource for current information!