EHP Program Information


Almost all EHP information, including vital information about the Senior Honors Tutorial and Colloquium, can now be found online here.  The following merely repeats/clarifies that information:

ENG or ENW 481 is a three-credit Honors Tutorial in which students meet weekly with a faculty mentor, researching, writing, and revising the English Honors Project that is a principal requirement for departmental honors.  ENG/ENW 482 is a co-requisite one-credit Colloquium that meets once a week (or once every two weeks) on Thursdays 4:45-6:00:  it is an opportunity for students to share the results of their tutorial work with each other and to receive feedback and guidance about deadline, strategies, etc.  Students’ primary relationship is with their faculty mentor; the colloquium supports this tutorial work. 

The English Honors Project may not overlap with regular coursework or course-related writing (though it may be inspired by something you read or wrote previously).  EHP students who are also Lehman Scholars and/or Macaulay Honors College students are equally bound not to overlap their ENG/ENW 481 work with regular coursework, but they may use their English honors project to satisfy the honors-project requirement of both the English Department and their College Honors program, with the approval of Professor Schwartz.  CUNY Pipeline students may not overlap their English Honors and Pipeline Honors work in any way.   

Students take ENG/ENW 481/482 in the Fall term prior to their year of graduation.  (A student graduating anytime in 2014 should take ENG/ENW 481/482 in Fall 2013.)  Students find a mentor (and very rough topic), fill out a tutorial form, and register for ENG/ENW 481 during Spring Registration.  Go to the EHP director or CA302 for a tutorial form, get it signed by mentor, EHP director, and English chair, and submit it to Ms. Duarte in ENG 302.  Once the Department has set up your tutorial, you will be given permission for the course and may register.  Be absolutely sure to register for both ENG or ENW 481 and ENG 482.  Lit majors register for ENG 481 and ENG 482.  PW and CW majors register for ENW 481 and ENG 482.

By the last day of Spring classes, rising seniors must have met with their faculty mentor and develop a detailed Summer Reading List, with at least eight titles, some of which must be a piece of literary criticism or theory.  Student and mentor will also fill out and sign a Summer Contract that details reading, reporting, and meeting plans for the summer and fall:  student, mentor, and EHP director should all have a copy of the contract by the last day of spring classes.  Keep in mind that previous EHP students have stressed the vital role summer reading/note-taking for later work. 

College requirements for Departmental Honors:

To graduate with English Honors, EHP students need to maintain a 3.2 overall GPA, maintain a 3.5 English GPA, and complete ENG/ENW 481/482 in the Fall term prior to their year of graduation.

English department requirements for departmental honors: 

To graduate with English Honors, EHP students need to maintain a 3.2 overall GPA, maintain a 3.5 English GPA, and complete ENG/ENW 481/482 in the Fall term prior to their year of graduation.

Graduating with Departmental Honors is a function of several things:

  • College requirements for College and Departmental GPA
  • GPA in 300/400-level English courses
  • Grades received (from mentor and Colloquium leader) for ENG/ENW 481/482
  • Grade received (from anonymous faculty readers) for senior honors thesis.
  • Participation in the formal presentation of theses and ePortfolios in April or May.

Qualifying students will be awarded English Honors at the English Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.


The English Honors Room was refurbished and redecorated a few years ago:  it now features desks, chairs, a sofa, pillows, lamps, rugs, and inspiring literary wall-art.  It is for the exclusive use of EHP students;   regretfully, non-EHP friends and classmates are not allowed.  The small library now includes two very full shelves of major works from the massive Library of America collection, a gift of Professor Billy Collins, plus a chronologically arranged selection of works from Old English to contemporary fiction.  E-readers are available to all EHP students, just ask at the 302 office or talk to the Chair or the EHP director: the Department would be happy to download books you need to build the EHP’s electronic “library.”  Laptops are also available for you in the English office.  When you unlock the room, hang the key on the inside of the door.  When you leave, return the key to 302.  If you are the last person to leave and the key is still there, return it to 302!   All desktops in the room should be up and running and connect wirelessly to the terrific laser printer (that will accept wireless printing so long as the computer closest to it is on).  Please be mindful of paper use, and let Ms. Duarte, the English Chair, or the EHP directors know if the printer cartridge or paper-supply runs out or if there are any problems with computers, printer, furniture, lights, etc.  Enjoy your room, as many of you now have.  It’s a great place to study, log-on, socialize, sleep, eat, and it’s all yours.  Thanks for keeping it in good repair!  The English Chair, the EHP director, and Ms. Duarte all have the key, which you can sign out in Carman 302.