The CUNY Ethics & Morality Essay Contest is a yearly competition that invites students to write about their personal definitions of "virtue." In addition to offering cash prizes for the top three winners, the contest honors students at their annual banquet. Click the thumbnail to the right for more information on how to apply. This year's deadline is September 30.

The English Department Awards and Writing Prizes are open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Winners get a check -- most prizes start at $50. Submit your academic and creative work to as many competitions as you wish. Submit early to beat the rush! Deadline for all completed submissions is February 29, 2016. Go to lehmancollege.submittable.com to submit your work.

Every year there's also the CUNY LABOR ARTS CONTEST: MAKING WORK VISIBLE, usually with a deadline in early March: good money, small pool of applicants - apply. It's housed at Brooklyn College but is CUNY-wide. 

OBSCURA queries should be directed to LehmanLitMag@gmail.com; make sure to contact both the student editor-in-chief and the faculty advisor (Professor Amend). Related links include the new homepage at Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter 

MERIDIAN inquiries should be directed to the student editor and/or Professor Mifflin, faculty advisor. Related links include: The Lehman College Meridian , Twitter, and Facebook.

CUNY ETHICS and MORALITY ESSAY CONTEST: You don't have to be a moral pillar to win an award-winning essay & win the good monetary reward! Extended November deadline. 

THE NORTON WRITER'S PRIZE is awarded annually for an outstanding essay done in an undergraduate writing class—including literacy narratives, literary and other textual analyses, reports, profiles, evaluations, arguments, memoirs, proposals, mixed-genre pieces, and more. The winner receives $1,500; the two runners-up receive $1,000 apiece.  Norton also holds a

RECITATION CONTESTYou can enter by simply sending a Youtube video of yourself reciting poetry, and the prizes include gift cards to B&N and acknowledgments in printed Norton anthologies!

Professor Cleland, mystery writer among many other talents, tells students to take a look at AVON ROMANCE: you can become a published romance writer very fast!

Here’s a fantastic pair of fellowships for emerging young Asian writers  to keep in mind in and after Lehman.  (“Asian” includes Asians, Native Americans, Asian American adoptees and multiracial writers, Indo-Caribbean writers, and West Asians such as Iranians and Arab Americans; fellowships are for those under 30.)  There are eight total Open City Fellowships and Margins Fellowships per year & all include $5,000, Asian American Writers’ Workshop space, publishing opportunities, and workshops.  Deadline in mid-May.    

The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism: January Academy is a series of enrichment workshops, which runs for most of January, is open to CUNY J-School students, alumni, applicants, select CUNY undergraduates (juniors and seniors only), Macaulay Honors College students, and invited guests. Registration for Class of 2014 and 2015 students begins mid-November. Students will be emailed a registration link. The costs for the program have been factored into the regular student fees so current students pay nothing extra to sign up.  Applicants and CUNY undergrads must register through the CUNY J-School Office of Admissions. Contact Stephen Dougherty, Assistant Dean, at Stephen.dougherty@journalism.cuny.edu.  

Visit Pineapple and Milk a multimedia site run by two recent Lehman English graduates, Nabil Rahman and John Paul Infante.

The Washington Pastime is run by Paul Karaffa and has a Promising Young Author (PYA)  program that is seeking student leaders to set up campus support groups (Chapters) for writers, where they can learn to work as a team, professionally edit literature, and have the opportunity to have their work published. You can find links to submit work for the site’s monthly publication and for the site’s Literary prize at this website.  

INKPOP was a writing community created by HarperCollins to give young adults and those who write for young adults a showcase for their work. At the end of each month, the Top 5 pieces (Fiction, Short Writing, and Poetry) were reviewed by the HC editors (and got an offer if lucky!). INKPOP has since been merged with FIGMENT, which announces its prizes and winners online here.  

Swoon Reads, which focuses on Young Adult love stories from multiple genres, allows the website's community to vote on the winning submission. Swoon Reads publishes through Feiwel and Friends, which is a MacMillan imprint.

The National Novel Writing Month website offers offers writing support in the form of pep talks, online advice chats, and calendars to track the writing process. Check out NaNoWriMo here.

Lulu is a self-publishing website that allows people to showcase their work, much like Amazon's publishing website. A special thank you to Stephanie Trinidad for sharing these resources with us! 

Alejandra Perez Fonseca alerts us that her close friend invites submissions to a newly-launched website, Cycledork, dedicated to "undo[ing] the taboo" around the menstrual cycle. Submit via this contact email or online.   

Take a shot at being published in the NY Times' Modern Love columnThese prizes are reserved for college student writers, and runners-up can have their essays published in the Times! 

Narrative Magazine  also offers several prizes, including awards for their Fall Story Contest, a $4000 Narrative prize (deadline June 15), as well as a Poem of the Week and Story of the Week. 

The Elie Wiesel Foundation holds an Ethical Essay Contest every year (deadline Dec. 8) 

Click here for a more exhaustive compilation of writing prizes.

EHP graduate Shabana Yusuf recommends that writers create. Most publishers and many agents and editors have Twitter accounts. They share contests, new members, internships, job opportunities, what they are currently looking for, what is big in the market now/how it's changing. It's also good for fostering contacts.